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Full-Stack Development


FAB, a non-profit, offers courses by 20+ trainers with unique preferences. Managing this used to be Excel-based, causing challenges, especially in finding replacements for tasks like illness rescheduling.

We collaborated with FAB to develop a custom web-based application for streamlined course and trainer management, offering real-time suggestions and swift adjustments for unforeseen events while also automating the generation of reports, replacing time-consuming manual tasks.

Thanks to Codenite's solution, our course planning is now efficient, streamlined, and hassle-free. It has truly transformed the way we manage our courses and trainers, making our work more productive and enjoyable.

Jutta Huber, Head of educational measures at FAB Dornbirn
Andreas Innfeld

Andreas Innfeld

Web development, App development, Hosting, CMS


Hair salon instructors struggle to balance teaching, supervising apprentices, and serving clients, particularly as apprentices require constant hands-on supervision.

GetHair automates apprentices' learning, enabling asynchronous learning and feedback, benefiting both apprentices and instructors in the hairdressing industry.

As a startup founder, I found in Codenite not just a software development partner, but a team of professionals who shared my vision and made it a reality with their exceptional skills and commitment.

Andreas Innfeld, CEO of GETHAIR

Michael and Florian are professional, reliable, and have repeatedly delivered mobile and web apps to my fullest satisfaction in a timely manner.

Andreas Nigg
Andreas Nigg
Data Science Engineer

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