About us - Our strength is collaboration

Frustrated with the corporate world's constant meetings, bureaucratic hurdles, and the disconnection from the true impact of their work, two long-time friends and coding enthusiasts decided to make a change. In the corporate realm, coding had become a maze of processes rather than a means of problem-solving, and the lack of direct customer interaction left them wanting more. That's when they founded Codenite.

At Codenite, our focus is on doing what we're passionate about: addressing real-world challenges with code, all while collaborating closely with our clients. Our journey began with a shared vision for a more hands-on, adaptable approach to software development. We value direct engagement, where developers and clients work together to create solutions that truly matter.

This transition from the corporate world to a more personalized, problem-solving adventure has not only reinvigorated our love for coding but has also allowed us to provide outstanding service and meaningful outcomes for our awesome clients.

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Our culture - Where Innovation Meets Practicality

At our core, we embrace innovation, practical problem-solving, and the excitement of cutting-edge tech, all while ensuring reliability and security in every aspect of our work.

  • Keep it simple. We're not out to reinvent the wheel; our goal is to give it a turbo boost. Our approach is all about using the most suitable tools to accomplish the task at hand, without unnecessary complexities. We believe in simplicity and using the right tools for the job.
  • Solve problems, not tasks. We don't just write code. We solve problems. We're not a factory that churns out code for the sake of it. We're a team of problem solvers who use code as a tool to solve real-world problems.
  • Bleed responsibly. We're all about embracing the latest and greatest in tech — it's thrilling, fast-paced, and loads of fun. But when it comes to the most critical parts of your application, we play it safe and stick to tried-and-true tech for reliability and security.


  • Michael Faißt

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Florian Fink

    Co-Founder & CEO

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